Websites For Learning All About Creative Writing

  1. ABC's of the Writing Process - Overviews each of the five stages of the writing process.
  2. Artist for Independent Artist - A site for the exchange of ideas and resources for Artist of all kinds
  3. Aylad's Creative Writing Group - Creative writing group for writers from around the world.
  4. Coffeehouse for Writers - Wakes you up to the writing experience with free monthly contests, discussion forums, online writing workshops and a hearty helping of writerly camaraderie. Guaranteed good to the last word.
  5. Creative Writing Discussion Forums - Many forums for the discussion of different aspects of the art.
  6. creative writing exercises - Part of a book about spirituality. Chapter 4 is about creativity and has some writing exercises.
  7. EsoKoira's Writing Room - We share poetry, stories, have daily exercises to beat back writer's block and tag-write stories of all genres.
  8. The Fiction Writer's Journey - Articles and exercises for writers of all levels: short stories, novels, memoir. How to access your Inner Writer and silence your Inner Critic.
  9. Hatch's Plot Bank - 2300+ plot ideas for fiction and screen writers.
  10. Creative writing - Supporting creative writing in the context of the classics.
  11. Lesson Tutor - Creative writing assignments for 9th graders, stretch them beyond the concrete.
  12. The Magic of Creative Writing - Learn to write as professional writers. The Magic of Creative Writing is for everyone who would like to learn how to express themselves efficiently and with clarity.
  13. Moonspinners Writer's Page - A forum for creative writers. Includes an email tutorial conducted by author, Maureen M. McMahon.
  14. The Random Logline Generator - A customizable random generator of story scenerios, plots, and character names. For bored citizens, role-playing gamers, and mutant playwrites alike.
  15. Scribble - Online writers' workshop - submit and review short stories.
  16. The Story A Day Writer's Kit - Get your creative juices flowing with this free, fun exercise for writers of all types.
  17. A Story is a Promise - Site explores the craft of writing through reviews of popular movies, books and plays. Helpful to beginning and intermediate writers.
  18. Tera's Wish: Creativity for Everyone - Each of us has some unique talent. You may not know what it is yet, but you have something to contribute. Tera's Wish is about exploring the energy within each of us that fulfills and makes us most happy. Writing exercises.
  19. Top Ten Ways To Jump-Start Your Creativity - Article offers ten ideas to inspire your creativity.
  20. The Write Life - An all-new, value-added writers' site with articles, interviews, writing book recommendations and other features. You can also download *free* eBooks and subscribe to *free* eZines for writers.
  21. Write to the Heart! - Writing therapy for personal development and creative expression. Workshops, Writing Circles, Counseling, Readers' Submissions, Commemorative Writings celebrating a loved one's life, Memoirs, Family History, Recommended Readings.
  22. 4-Writers.Com - Free online creative writing courses: Fiction 98 and Fiction 401