Origami Projects For Teachers

  1. Anne's Origami- Information on MIT's origami mailing list, with archives. Also a list of books she owns, some with pictures and table of contents.
  2. Anools-Origami- Overview of the art and a gallery, including some very small models.
  3. Fabric Origami Workshop- Introduction, techniques, diagrams and photos, FAQ, magazines that have covered it, and reviews of applicable general origami books.
  4. Fred's Origami- Book list and links.
  5. Joseph Wu's Origami- Gallery of original works, models by others, and convention photos. Articles and original diagrams. Database of online models, as well as a links directory, both with search.
  6. Lucky Stars- Diagrams and tips for making 3D stars folded from strips, sometimes called Chinese lucky stars. Also includes a gallery and links to other star sites.
  7. Matthias Gutfeldt: Alpenfalten- Diagrams, pictures of the artist's and Ronald Koh's designs, book reviews, and some convention highlights. Also has information on newsgroups, mailing lists and chat rooms.
  8. Ring of Origami Art- The purpose of this webring is to unite all web pages that have content about the art of origami or paper folding.
  9. Robin Glynn's Origami- Diagrams, gallery, links, and a brief history of how the author started.
  10. World Peace Project for Children- The world's largest crane, diagram for the traditional crane, and other information relating to the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.