How to Create a Yearbook Online For Your School

A yearbook is one thing that every student anticipates when the school yearend is near. However, before yearbooks are sent to the publisher and they were published on the same all formats like the others that are why majority of yearbooks looks identical. However, with technology now, there is a better way of developing yearbooks. New yearbooks are can be created online for better designs and faster distribution. The only question now is how to create a yearbook online for your school? Here are some steps on how to create yearbook online for your school.

Brainstorm ideas

Gather your classmates and brainstorm their ideas on how they want your yearbook to look like. Getting the ideas with everyone will make them more interested to help. They may volunteer to give pictures and information that may be included in the yearbook.

Choose a design

Choose a uniformed design for every section and page. A standard design for yearbook is clean with readable fonts and colors pleasing for readers. Avoid designs that have excessive graphics and dark colors. Remember you are doing a yearbook and not a personal scrapbook. Yearbooks are not for students, your school administrators and teachers will also see them, it is highly recommended that you choose a design that will allow the merits of the school to stand out and not your skill to design web pages.

Consider online template packages

There are some online sites, which offer online template packages. Their package may include simple to more complex designs. You may consider buying a package for them especially if there is no one in your school to do or if the administrators did not approve any of your designs.

Divide yearbook to sections

Dividing the yearbook to sections is second important step in how to create a yearbook online for your school. Group them according to students, school activities, sports, teachers and other school related activities. Each section should have an introduction or description so your readers will know what they will expect on the next pages.

Create individual pages

Individual pages for each student may be a hard task. Ask the help of each student on the things they want to share for their yearbook online. This may include pictures and stories they want to post. However, maintain a uniform look of designs and motif for each individual page.

Set up a comments page

Comments page will be an exciting part of an online yearbook. You may set up a comments page where your classmates and friends may be able to comments. However, they should not be allowed to modify any part of the yearbook especially the designs and contents.

Limit the use of pictures and videos

Use of pictures and videos is necessary though limit it only to those that are important. Images of your football team winning the championship may be included but video of their game practice is not a good idea.

Give space for advertisers

Advertisers should have a space for the yearbook. The money may be use for an internet hosting service, which you will need later on.

Choose internet-hosting service for your site

You need a reliable internet hosting service for your site. There are various hosting package available online. You may choose a package depending on the bandwidth of your site. Consider also plans, if you want to add more contents and links in the site.

Now, you have the right ideas on How to Create a Yearbook Online for Your School, you may now start the initial process. It is better that you start the planning stages early in the school year, to produce an exciting yearbook for everyone.

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