What Supplies Do Students Need For School?

Supplies students need for school can vary depending on the teacher, so it is a good idea to ask for a list if you can. If you can't get a list, and you want to take advantage of that back-to-school sale in your community, read on.

Students need to get organized, and stay organized, and school supplies that help them do that are always worth the investment. Three-ring binders, plain folders and pocket folders, a calendar for scheduling events, binder dividers, a pencil case that fits in binders, are some supplies that should help the student keep his or her school things in order. Most of these can be had for cheap, but there are more pricey ones with accessories such as pockets and zippers available. Just be mindful that many of the more expensive ones are bulkier because of the add-ons and may not fit in school desks.

Then there are the supplies that students need to get schoolwork done. Start with a plain vanilla No. 2 pencil, which will do just as well as that slightly more expensive pencil that can be twisted into a loop. Add pencil sharpeners (one for home and one for school), erasers, glue sticks, ballpoint pens, scissors, a stapler, water-based markers, colored pencils, rulers, a four-ounce bottle of white glue, highlighters, copy paper, and ink for the home computer.

Consider buying a flash drive as well. This is great for porting data from one computer to another, so that students can work at their paper or presentation whether they use the home computer or the school's. Note though that flash drives can be contaminated with computer viruses especially when used on multiple computers. To protect everyone else's files on the home computer, you should consider installing a good anti-virus and keep it updated.

Students need calculators too, but some teachers advise parents not to buy calculators with more features than what students need. It is a good idea to ask the teacher before buying this item. Some math teachers require calculators with graphing functions.

Also, students need a bag or backpack to carry their stuff to school. This is an item that is heavily influenced by taste, and many adolescents show their individuality by the bags they carry. That said, it is a good idea to get your child's input on this. In any case, the bag or backpack should have many inside and outside pockets where students can keep school supplies. Padded straps and a waist belt are also worth considering as these add comfort and help distribute the weight. Keep in mind that some schools do not allow rolling bags because of space considerations, so you may want to ask the school before buying.

Another item students need is a padlock or two if the school lockers do not have built-in locks - one for the hallway and one for the gym. A combination lock is preferable to one with a key, as keys can get lost.

A somewhat pricey item you may also want to consider buying for your child is a laptop computer. Laptop computers offer the convenience of allowing the student to do schoolwork anywhere, even while on your weekend road trips. However these require a certain degree of care, despite what some brands may advertize, to ensure they will last at least until the model becomes obsolete. A lot depends too on the student's level of maturity. If the laptop will mostly be used to play computer games, then the purpose for which it was bought will have been defeated, and it may even cause grades to fall.

The bottom line is that the supplies students need can be very basic so that purchasing these need not be a budget buster. But you can go high end too, if your child can handle it.

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