Having A Baby? Here Are the Things You Will Need

Your menstrual period is late. You suspect you are pregnant. You either purchase a pregnancy test kit or see a doctor to confirm. Then you are sure: you are having a baby! Here are the things you will need:

An obstetrician

Your obstetrician is a partner in your pregnancy who will be responsible for you and your baby's health. In addition to making sure that the doctor is qualified and competent, you want someone with whom you can cooperate and feel comfortable. Having a baby is a very special event in your life, and the obstetrician will be intimately participating in it.

You will need to ask for recommendations and visit a number of doctors before you are satisfied. Don't be afraid to ask about finances. Be sure your insurance will cover the doctor's charges and find out how and when payment is expected. Find out what happens to the charges if there are any complications.

Good nutrition during your pregnancy

You will need to watch out for specific nutrients and include about three hundred additional calorie to your diet. Don't worry about weight gain, but keep track of it. This will help your doctor to detect some potential pregnancy problems. When you are having a baby, it is normal to gain weight because the baby is growing, and some changes in your body are necessary to support your pregnancy.

Protein intake should be increased when you are having a baby to help the growth of the fetus, uterus and placenta. It is also needed to improve blood volume and increase amniotic fluid.

You will need iron for three main reasons: Firstly, iron is vital to the formation of fetal and maternal hemoglobin, the component of blood responsible for oxygen. Next, during the final trimester, your baby gets the iron stock that will help keep him from being anemic out of you, during the first six months after birth. Lastly, your augmented blood volume and iron stores aid your body in adjusting to the blood loss that will occur during childbirth.

You will need calcium. Having a baby means you have to ensure you have sufficient calcium to provide for the growth of your baby. Insufficient intake results in your own reserves being depleted.

When you are having a baby, the recommended day to day allowances of most vitamins increase by twenty-five to fifty percent. The recommended daily allowance for folic acid doubles. A good, varied diet will supply all of the vitamins you need for a healthy pregnancy. Folic acid supplements of two hundred to four hundred micrograms are advised for the increased folic acid requirement.

A workout for expectant mothers

When you are having a baby, it doesn't mean you will inevitably become fat, or be tired all the time. The way you feel and look depend on actions you take during pregnancy as it pertains to diet and exercise. You will need to maintain or improve your fitness and health all through out your pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman should consult her physician before beginning an exercise program. Generally, you will need to follow the following guidelines:

Exercise, but don't push too hard. Make exercise a habit.

Learn to stop when it gets painful. Consult with your physician before going back to your program, but do it right away. Modify your exercise program if necessary or substitute other forms of exercise.

Make sure to rest for one and a half hour before working out.

Hydrate yourself before, during, and after your workout.

When you are having a baby, the things you will need to prepare for her arrival are plenty. But if you make a plan and stick to it, the rewards can be very satisfying.

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