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Song Lesson Plans

Printable Teacher Songs | Songs and Poems Printables

  1. "Calypso, Calypso" and "Silver Moon Boat"- Students will sing folk songs from different ethnic origins, using stylistically appropriate articulation.
  2. Chemistry Holiday Music- Have the students take holiday music and write their own words which relate to content in chemistry.
  3. Days of the Week Song- For learning the days of the week.
  4. Fall Songs- 12 seasons for the season.
  5. Folk Songs- Review difference between folk songs and classical music. Learn to sing three folk songs.
  6. Months of Year Song- Helps children learn the months of the year.
  7. Secret Song- Students will examine the rythms of songs that they know.
  8. Songs4Teachers- 101 theme-related songs, ready-to-sing, no musical skill required, sung to the tunes of "old favourites", activities and guitar chords included.
  9. Song Map- Students will learn to examine and appreciate the flow of music (speed, energy, and/or emotion).
  10. Winter Songs- 12 seasons for the season.

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