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Lesson Plan Title : Rounding to the nearest five

Age Range:

Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Elementary School)

Overview and Purpose:

Students will enjoy practicing rounding numbers as they try to be the first to cover all their numbers in this game of Bingo. The teacher can set the pace for this game. It can be set at a beginning level with a lot of discussion and helps or it can be played as a speed round where students are racing to find the right numbers.


The student will be able to round numbers to the nearest five.


One piece of paper per child with a 3x4 blank table on it

Several bingo dots for each child

Flashcards with various numbers between one and a hundred written on them (at least five for each tens group, but none ending in five or zero)

Math journals


Review the rules of rounding numbers and have the students write them in their math journals.

Give each student one of the papers and several bingo dots. Have the students fill in each space with a number ending in zero or five (up to 100). They can write 'Free' in one of the spaces.

Hold up a card and ask the students to round it to the nearest five. If a student has the rounded number, he can place a bingo marker on it. The first child to cover a row is the winner.


Help keep the rules for rounding numbers fresh in the students' minds by giving them exercises to complete in their math journals as part of their morning work. For beginning students, the game can be played by rounding to the nearest ten.



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