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Harry Potter Lesson Plans

  1. Harry Potter Brings Magic into the Classroom- "Is your class entranced by the magic of Harry Potter? The excitement can carry you into many skill-building classroom activities."
  2. Harry Potter Character Posters- "Students will complete an analysis of one character from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Students will learn to support their character analysis with specific information from the text."
  3. Harry Potter Haiku- "Students will learn how to write a haiku."
  4. International Cover Art for Harry Potter-"Students will enhance their reading comprehension by comparing and contrasting book covers with the text of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."
  5. Intro + Pythagoras - Create a familiar environment by introducing ourselves to the class and getting to know them.
  6. Make a Harry Potter Board Game- "Students will improve their reading comprehension through creating and playing a board game."
  7. Pythagoras Theorem - Harry Potter wants to give Hermione the golden snitch (that has a diameter of 6 centimeters) as a present for her birthday.
  8. Write a Harry Potter Script- "Students will practice their reading comprehension skills by learning how to summarize."

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