Lesson Plan Title : Vocabulary Concentration

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary or Primary Level)

Overview and Purpose : The following lesson is a great way for student to commit their vocabulary words to memory.

Objective: The student will be able to match the correct vocabulary word and definition.


Large index cards




Write a vocabulary word or its definition on one side of an index card. Number each of the cards on the other side. Tape the cards in a random order on the white board.

Divide the class into two or three teams. The students can take turns trying to match the words with the correct definitions. If they turn over two words or two definitions their turn is over. If they turn over a word and a definition they have to tell you if it is a match or not. The team with the most matches wins.


More advanced students might enjoy the challenge of adding in some cards that have incorrect definitions on them. If a student is able to tell you that the definition is made up, he is allowed to go again.