Lesson Plan Title : Two Halves of an Egg

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary or Primary Level)

Overview and Purpose : This is a great way for your students to "put two and two together" using vocabulary words and their definitions.

Objective: The student will be able to match a vocabulary word with the correct definition.


Plastic Easter eggs

Masking tape


Write the vocabulary words and the definitions on separate halves of plastic Easter eggs ahead of time. (Mix up the colors or use all of one color to make the game more difficult.) Mix all the halves up in a deep basket.

Have each student choose one half of an egg from the basket without looking. Have them keep the egg in their hand without looking at it until all the students have chosen one. When you count to three, all the students have to try to find the person that has the other half of their egg. When they do, they can hold the egg up in the air. Have each group read their word and definition to the class.

This game can be made more challenging by having an extra half, so that one student is out at the end of each round.


This activity is good to use with students who have different levels of ability. At the end of activity, everyone had the right answer. Students who are non-readers or who are shy can participate without having to worry about being the only one left without a match.

Another idea would be to label the eggs just with the vocabulary words and have containers that are labeled with the definitions. Hide the eggs around your classroom before class begins and have a mock "Egg Hunt". When students find the eggs they have to place them in the proper containers.