Lesson Plan Title : Where Did It Come From?

Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level)

Overview and Purpose : Students will unveil a deeper meaning and expand their comprehension for each vocabulary word as they research them online.

Objective: The student will be able to explain the origins of at least two vocabulary words.


Internet access for students


Divide students into pairs. Assign each pair two or three vocabulary words. Have them research the words to find its origin, interesting facts, or unusual uses. They should list the information on a sheet of paper with the word written beside it.

Cut the papers so each fact is on a separate sheet of paper. Read the facts one at a time and have the class tell you which word they think it belongs to. Use the facts throughout the week to keep the words fresh in the students' minds.


As an extension of this lesson, include ethnic or foreign words in your vocabulary list. Have all the students research the words and write down several facts about the words uses, history, or meaning. Discuss the words as a class and talk about any interesting information.