Lesson Plan Title : Who Am I

Age Range: Grade 6 through Grade 8 (Middle School Level)

Overview and Purpose : This guessing game will help students communicate more effectively, while memorizing the definitions of vocabulary words.

Objective: The student will be able to figure out what vocabulary word is on his back by the clues that are given to him by other students.


Index cards




Make three or four sets of vocabulary cards. Tape one set around the room. Choose a student from the class to come up and choose a card from the remaining sets. Without showing him the word on the card, tape it to his back and have him stand facing the class. Do this for all the students.

Explain to the students that they have to give clues to each other to be able to figure out what word is on their backs. The clues cannot be the word or any form of the word. When a student thinks he knows what word is on his back, he should stand under the card with that word. The first student to stand under each word is the winner. (If you are playing with a smaller class or a large vocabulary list, the winner can be the first student to stand under the correct card.)


Another use for the four sets of vocabulary cards would be to have four students line up in the front of the classroom. Give them each a set of vocabulary word cards. You will then start giving clues. Here are some examples: (1) This word has 5 letters. (2) This word has 2 syllables. (3) This word will complete this sentence. "Mary bought a new _____ at the jewelry store." The first student to find and show the card with the correct vocabulary word is the winner of that round. Continue with three more students to challenge the winner. Keep playing the game until you've gone through the list at least once.