Lesson Plan Title : Steps for Reindeer Care

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5 (Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: How do you take care of a reindeer? In this lesson, students will research and write out the steps for the best way to take care of one.

Objective: The student will be able to:

*research how to take care of a reindeer.

*write out the steps for taking care of a reindeer.


Internet access for students

Teacher created worksheet


Have students work in pairs to research how you would take care of a reindeer. Have them complete the worksheet and then write out step by step directions. Talk about the directions as a class and create one list that includes everyone's suggestions. Post the list in the hallway for other classes to read.

Sample questions:

1. What kind of climates do reindeer like?

2. What kind of food do reindeer eat?

3. Does a reindeer need to be brushed?

Wrap Up:

Many students may not have ever seen a real reindeer. Consider showing them a short documentary about the animals and then compare real reindeer to the cartoon ones seen at Christmas.