How the Freemasons Rule the World

  Theme of Lesson The theme is how the Freemasons influence the world in the past, present, and the future.

1. Controversy
2. Influence
3. Freemasonry
4. Society
5. Religion

Goals / Aim:

1. How did the freemason influence the world?

2.To hit at least 4 standards of social studies

Standard 1: USA history and NY history. Freemasonry has connections with standard 1 because freemasonry sparked in the US.

Standard 2: World History Freemasonry had a big influence on world society. It changed perspectives of many people around the world.

Standard 3: Geography. The belief on freemasonry hit many countries around the world.

Standard 4: Economics Freemason did many charitable things which involves money and therefore has connections with the economy.

Standard 5: Civics, Citizenship, and Government Freemasonry was a huge part of the government having connections with many famous leaders.


1.Students to have an understanding of the freemasons.

2. Understand the influence on the world.

3. Use knowledge and make connections with the past and present and to predict the future for the freemasons.

4. Discussion on the freemasons influence on the world.

5. Understanding key focusing vocabulary

6.Groups will come up with predictions for the freemason future.

Materials and Aids:


2.Reading Passage

3.Video (Technology)




7.Photos for analyzing


A. Introduction-

1.Show video on the freemasons. Ask them if they know the definitions to our vocabulary

2.Have a small discussion on key points that the students found.

3.Brief history on the freemasons.

4.Give out reading passage.

5.Once again a small discussion.

6.Show several photos of the freemason.

7.Students analyze the photos.

8.Talk about influence on the US hitting standard one. Answer any question students have and ask students questions.

9.Group students so that the can come up for an answer for the questions we asked.

10. Influence on the world with a small discussion hitting standard 2

11.Talk about places that were influenced by the freemasons.

12.Hand out a worksheet and ask students to highlight the places we told them were influenced by the freemasons. This will hit standard 3.

13.How the charitable works involve with the economy and the freemasons, hitting standard 4.

14.Group students to complete a worksheet as a group.

15.Talk about the freemason influence on the government around the world hitting standard 5

16.Students get there own worksheets to complete.

17.Ask for feedback

B. Development-

1.We will explain the influence on the world by using several of our materials.

2. Demonstrate many places that were influence by the freemasons.

C. Practice-

1.Give students several worksheets to complete as a group or on there own. (Worksheets will be on the next few pages and photos as well.)

D. Independent Practice-

1.Give students on worksheet to do on there own to see if they understand the influence on the government.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.We will ask students questions to see if they understand the things we taught them.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.We will give students a test based on our lesson plan. It will consist of several multiple questions and vocabulary

G. Closure-

1.In conclusion, we will end with the test and feedback from our lesson plan.

2.Ask a few more questions to make sure that they understand.