John Dewey and Maria Montessori

  American philosophers and their impact on today's education. Looking at American educational history it is clear that there have been many changes and improvements. Thanks to philosophers and their theories, today we can experience effective learning and teaching methods.


Dewey, Montessori, philosophy, contemporary, education, contributions, effective schooling, beliefs, progressive education, Montessori movement

Goals / Aim:

1.Students will learn about two educational pioneers.

2.Students will be able to understand and analyze pioneers educational theories.

3.Students will understand the contribution and impact of theories on today's education.


1.Students will create graphic organizer to compare theories. After this student will understand two theories that shaped American education.

2.Reading, students will be able to pick one pioneer and analyze his/her philosophy. After this student will get familiar with chosen pioneer and be able to understand his/her beliefs.

3.Asking questions and vocabulary. Student will learn new words and understand them.

4. Student will perform class presentation. Student will learn the importance of theories, its creators as well as their philosophy.

Materials and Aids:

Power Point presentation, reading materials, videos, research materials


A. Introduction-

1.Students will be given variety of materials to get familiar with philosophers.

2.Student will have a discussion with classmates about theories and its creators.

3.Students will research materials to learn about theories.

B. Development-

1.Use a computer to find information about chosen philosopher.

2. Read materials provided by teacher.

3. Watch the video provided by teacher.

4. And enjoy the Power Point

C. Practice-


2.Examination and Explanation


4.Presenting information to the class

D. Independent Practice-

1.Use graphic organizer to compare and contrast philosophers and their beliefs

2.Chose one pioneer and analyze content of his/her philosophy

3. Be creative while preparing your presentation.

E. Checking for understanding-

1.Grading Rubric is provided at the end of lesson plan.

G. Closure-

1.Knowledge of theories and its impact on education.

2.Knowledge of contributions of theories to education.

3. Pioneer and their achievements.


1.Students will present information to the class

2.Rubrics will be used to assess students

Teacher Reflection-

We will have students reasearch and find additional philosophers who contributed to American education (use books, Internet, ask teachers). Then write a five paragraph essay describing two more philosophers and their educational theories.