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  1. 4 The leader in free, online practice testing. If you need help with the SAT, ACT, CLEP's, or MCSE examinations, than try today.
  2. Captioned Media Program- Free media loaning and captioning for disabled children.
  3. Free Mousepads- Free mousepads for your school computers.
  4. Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers- A site where educators can find the latest links to free resources, materials, lesson plans, software, samples and computers.
  5. Journey Inside the Computer- A free classroom kit for learning about computers.
  6. Shipping Only!- Calculators, world time clocks, pens, and more for FREE - you only pay s&h!
  7. Spark Notes- Stop buying stuffy study guides in stores! Start using the only free study guides produced by Harvard students for students everywhere.
  8. Start Sampling- A web portal to sites that offer free samples of just about everything.
  9. Teacher Offers some free printable activities monthly.
  10. Teach Free- Points out free classroom kits available on the Internet.
  11. The Frugal Shopper- "Get the Best Freebies and Daily Deals from The Frugal Shopper! Tons of Printables, Baby Tips Parenting Guide, Articles, Coupons, and Rebates - ALL FREE!"