How Do You Become a Teacher in the United Kingdom?

It is hard to argue with the statement that the most important people in society are the teachers. Teachers are responsible for the children, who are precious to the parents and who represent the future of the country. If you are interested in becoming a teacher in the United Kingdom, then you will want to read this article. This article describes the training necessary to become a teacher in the United Kingdom.

Exciting Opportunity

Becoming a teacher in the United Kingdom is an exciting opportunity. Not only is it a very beautiful, historic and legendary place to teach, but it can also be a lot of fun. There is ample opportunity to talk to others who have become teachers in the United Kingdom in order to discuss their experience and see whether it sounds like something that would be for you.

Complete the Necessary Teacher Training

In order to become a teacher in the United Kingdom, it is necessary to first obtain qualified teacher status, known as QTS. This includes training in English, Math and Science as well as what is known as the UK First Degree. Undergraduate Bachelor of Education is good initial teacher training. It is also possible to train and be qualified as a teacher simultaneously while working in a school setting. This is something like on the job training. There is also an Overseas Trained Teacher Program, for those who have become teachers overseas. In sum, there are many routes to becoming a teacher in the United Kingdom. Which route you choose will likely depend upon how much and what kind of education you presently have as well as what type of experience you have thus far.

Leadership Opportunities

After you have taught in the United Kingdom for awhile, you will have plenty of chances to assume a leadership role in education. For instance, you could become a faculty head, a department head or a curriculum head. The position of utmost responsibility in a school in the United Kingdom is that of Headteacher, which is a title and role much akin to that of Principal. There is special training available for those who want to become a Headteacher. That program is titled The National Professional Qualification for Headship program. Anyone can become a Headteacher in the United Kingdom with planning, training, patience and preparation.

The above is a description of how to become a teacher in the United Kingdom. It is pointed out that there are many routes to becoming a teacher in the United Kingdom. On the job training is possible, as is specified teaching programs. There are various types of teacher training. Finally, the tremendous opportunities for leadership in education in the United Kingdom are noted. It is explained above that there is a particular route to becoming a Headteacher through taking a specified education leadership program. It is a worthy goal to become a teacher in the United Kingdom and it is one that will be a remarkably fun and exciting road to travel.

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