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Early Childhood Language Arts

Literature Sites To Use With Students
Nursery Rhymes The Alphabet

  1. ABC's of Reading- Suggestions for teaching reading, and activities that help create a desire to read and reinforce reading skills and comprehension in younger children.
  2. Beginning Reading And Phonological Awareness- Provides suggestions for teaching phonological awareness. Includes strategies for helping children with special needs.
  3. Beginning Reading and Writing- Lesson plans and other activities for teaching early literacy skills.
  4. Developing Reading Skills in Young Children- Dr. Reid Lyon answers questions about developing reading skills in young children.
  5. EFL Playhouse: Resources for Teachers of Young Learners- Educational games, songs, fingerplays, chants, and other language arts activities for use with young learners.
  6. Helping Your Child Learn To Read- Free consumer report with activities for children from infancy through age 10.
  7. KidBibs- Features strategies to help children become good readers, writers, and learners.
  8. Kindergarten:Language Arts- Provides simple interactive learning activities designed for kindergarten students. From Kidport.com.
  9. School-Home Links: Kindergarten Activities- Features 100 reading and literacy activities appropriate for kindergarteners. From the U.S. Department of Education.
  10. The Reading Genie- The Reading Genie offers links and lessons on learning to read. Of special interest are research-based yet practical ideas for teaching phoneme awareness. Also, you fill find an account of the letterbox lesson, a hands-on approach to teaching beginners to spell and decode.
  11. We Read- Provides a great number of quality on-line learn units. This is not a free site.
  12. Webbing Into Literacy- Downloadable resources designed especially for Head Start teachers; includes instructions for fostering early literacy and reproducible classroom materials.

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