What is Telementoring?

Telementoring has been allowing tutors who are responsible for the progress of their students to keep up-to-date on how the people they are accountable for are doing. A lot of the time, there has been assignments which are brought into place for those who are on a particular course, and it can be important to ensure that people are not left behind the progress that they wish to make.

Telementoring can become particularly effective due to the different resources which are available to us online. Many of the different courses which can be taught over a distance now use individual login zones where a student can have their own working space to access resources, communicate with peers and tutors, and upload the work that they have completed. A tutor's Telementoring system might allow them to keep up-to-date with all of the work that has been completed in a particular area, meaning that a lack of progress can also be followed up with the immediacy that can be required.

All in all, some students can find that it is difficult for them to keep abreast of the different assignments which they might have to do - with the flexibility sometimes being more of a curse than a blessing. Sometimes, the chance to do things at a time to suit them can mean that the work which they might have to complete simply doesn't get done - and that can be something of a disaster as the work begins to pile up. This can result in rushed work which doesn't give them the necessary grades to pass the qualification satisfactorily. Telementoring boosts communication and allows for open and honest discussion as a student continues along the journey of education.

If you are finding it difficult to continue with the process of education, you might find that submitting daily or weekly reports can allow a tutor to remain informed on the different things which you might be doing with your time - allowing you to also assess whether or not you are being fully productive on your course. Sometimes, comparing your progress with your fellow students can allow you make an informed decision about whether or not you are making the headway you should be.

Thankfully, you can request Telementoring if you feel that things are not going the way they should be. Also, you can try to seek advice on the different ways which you can improve your work ethic in order to get the grades you need. It might seem difficult in order to learn the study skills to get the drive to succeed in your qualification, but the main aim of the tutors who are here to help you on your course is to ensure that you have all of the resources which are necessary for you to succeed. Everybody knows that there can be a real challenge which is associated with moving on from procrastination and a lack of productivity, but there is no reason why you can't bounce back with the help of Telementoring.

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