Distance Learning E-learning Portals

  1. ACS Online Training System - Online training system with courses in gardening/horticulture and IT/ecommerce.
  2. Akademie.de - Online workshops offered in German in cooperation with universities and professional schools.
  3. Business Training Partnership - Provides clients with the ability to source any training requirement through a single point of contact.
  4. Corpedia Training Technologies - Corpedia offers interactive, Web-based and Internet-tracked corporate education on legal and business-related issues.
  5. Coursebridge - Offers a variety of fairly priced online courses for personal and professional enhancement.
  6. CyberClasses - Established to meet the growing needs of busy individuals who believe in lifelong learning but just don't have the time to take conventional courses. Includes courses on many topics in science.
  7. Distance-Educator.com - Distance education hub that links educators, students, retailers, and professionals in a single network.
  8. Earthnet Institute - A private, non-profit academic institution that delivers both distance learning degree programs and online courses for continuing education in ICT, personal enrichment, nursing and paralegal skills.
  9. easycando - An e-learning service that provides a simple way for businesses to deliver online training to employees, partners or customers.
  10. Eclectic Academy - Instruction on web site development tools, beginning classes on digital art programs, introductory business courses and the office programs you need to make it all work.
  11. e-learn - Web-based distance learning covering a wide range of holistic health, humanities, counselling, sports therapy and alternative medicine subjects.
  12. Enterprise Training Solutions - Offers multiple ways to learn, including instructor-led classes, self-study courses, and digitized books, all available 24x7.
  13. Fathom - A growing collection of online courses, plus free articles and lectures from leaders in education, research, and the dissemination of knowledge.
  14. How Stuff Works - Contains tutorials on a wide range of subjects for people interested in learning the mechanisms of how things work.
  15. iLearn.To - Courses ranging from basic IT skill to management and skill development from Harvard Business School, BBC for Business, and other reputable providers.
  16. Inter College - Accredited UK private college offers on-line/CD-based courses in computers (ECDL), programming (ASP, XML and DHTML) as well as language courses (e.g. Arabic) and business (E-commerce certificate).
  17. Internet U - On-demand streaming video of university courses. Add a video link or an entire video clip from the InternetU database.
  18. Internet University - Offers real-time, instructor-led Web-based training on a wide variety of educational, personal interest, professional development, and academic subjects.
  19. iStudySmart.com - Provides online courses to empower students with knowledge and education.
  20. Jumpstart - Courses in English language, Mathematics, and Science for primary and secondary school students.
  21. Knowledge Anywhere - Provides a resource to online training classes, industry links, and resources for developing online training.
  22. KnowledgePlatform.com - Offers a suite of web based courses covering ebusiness related subjects, such as CRM, SCM, NetMarkets, Outsourcing, and Enterprise applications.
  23. Learndirect - Distance learning and online courses as well as part and full time classroom courses throughout the UK.
  24. LearnOnline - Listings and links to online courses by professionals in a wide range of areas, from business to math and science.
  25. Limu - Global learning and knowledge marketplace where you learn and teach online, live, and interactively.
  26. MindEdge - Extensive listing and search engine to online and in-person courses on business, health-care, IT, and most anything else.
  27. Mindleaders - IT training and certification on a wide range of topics including applications, client/server, e-commerce, A+, and web development.
  28. miStupid.com - Publishes information that everyone should know, wants to know, or once did know and forgot.
  29. MyCourse.co.uk - Online and CD based training in Sage accounting software, marketing and finance. eBusiness advice for small business.
  30. Online University International - Offer Certification and CEU Credit courses along with some self-study, professional enrichment and enhanment-only courses.
  31. OnlineLearning.net - Online instructor-led courses on professional advancement and personal enrichment for teacher education, business, and management.
  32. PDH Center - Approved online continuing education provider for professional engineers, land surveyors, and architects.
  33. Professional Education Organization International - On-line university level courses for professionals in accounting, business, finance and economics.
  34. The R. Jan LeCroy Center - Produces and licenses distance education products and services to colleges and universities nationally and internationally.
  35. RedVector.com - Selection of online continuing education offerings for engineers, architects, contractors and surveyors.
  36. SQLeCenter - Offers various IT courses on Oracle, Microsoft, LotusNotes, CISCO, Sun, Programming languages, Object Oriented, Operating Systems.
  37. Study IT.net - A training resource site that enables you to view, sample, purchase and download online self-study training courses that improve knowledge and develop individual business skills.
  38. Studywiser.com - Offers mini courses (1 to 4 hours) with certificates by email upon completion. Site is available as hosted online training solution.
  39. SyberWorks - Course topics include Supervision Skills, Occupational, Environmental, Health, and Safety, and IT.
  40. Syntrio - Delivers complete web-based e-learning solutions that enable organizations to train staff, customers and suppliers just-in-time and in a cost effective manner.
  41. ThirdAge School of Online Learning - Provides a mix of courses for adults in their mid-40s through 50s.
  42. Training Department .com - Providers of internet based course training. web based testing and online authoring tools.
  43. TrainingA - Self-paced computer training CDs available for Windows, Office, web design, programming, hardware, and small office. Courses offer multimedia and testing.
  44. Tutor2u - Extensive free online courses and resources for students and teachers of economics, business, and politics
  45. UniversalClass - Fee-based real-time online courses on many very different subjects taught by reviewed experts.
  46. Virtual Training Company (VTC) - Online and CD-based tutorials and training courses on over 150 different software titles including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.