Young Adult Children's Literature

When it comes to books, teenagers have their own tastes. Most teens like to read those books that are written by the authors that they like. For teenage boys and girls, books of J.K. Rowling like the Harry Potter series are among the most popular ones. Most teenage girls also love those that are written by Stephanie Meyers and Sophie Kinsella. If you have teens at home, then consider buying them the following books are these are among those that perfectly fit their age:

1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

This is written by Sherman Alexie and the book talks about a Spokane Indian named Junior who is torn between two worlds. The book talks about his life as he struggles with racism when he goes to high school in a town named Reardan which primarily inhabits white people. As the story goes on, you will realize that Junior finds himself accepted in the new town with a few friends and a girlfriend. This is perfect for teens since it will talk about the process of looking for new friends and being accepted in a new society.

2. The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Written by Stephen Chbosky, the novel has become popular from the moment it was published in 1999. The author writes the book in the form of letters to an anonymous. It talks about a story which comes from the point of view of a boy named Charlie. This is a heartfelt novel that talks about the process of dealing with the life in high school and any other social aspect. The book also talks about drug experimentation, abuse, teenage sexuality and homosexuality. This is a good read since it is something that anyone can learn lessons from.

3. Hatchet.

Written by Gary Paulsen, this book talks about a teenage boy named Brian Robeson who was stranded in the Canadian wilderness after the pilot of his plane suffered from heart attack, thereby allowing him and the other passengers to suffer from a plane crash. The only tool used by Brian to survive in the wilderness is the hatchet given to him by his mother before he left. The book tells about how Brian begins to learn to survive on his own. He learns how to hunt local birds, fish and create fire through the sparks provided by his hatchet. He has also built his own house. However, a huge storm completely destroys everything. The good part about this is when the tail of the crashed plane appeared on the lake after the storm, Brian was able to increase his chances of being rescued. He was able to retrieve the aircraft's survival pack and tried to create his own raft. Although the story can be a bit scary in some parts, it is good for high school and teenage readers because it is proven to be really interesting.

4. Elsewhere.

A fantasy novel written by Gabriel Zevin and published in the year 2005, the story is based on the point of view of Liz. The story starts by talking about the death of Liz. As the story goes on, the readers are brought to the place called elsewhere where everyone who dies starts a new life. While being in that place, Liz learns that everyone who is in that place starts to age backward, making them turn back into a baby. They are then reincarnated and brought back to Earth. This is considered to be a good read since it allows teenagers to have an interesting idea about what will happen to them if ever they die.

5. The Teen with a Millionaire Mindset.

This is perfect not only for teenagers but for parents as well. This shows them the abundance of riches that God has created. This book aims to set the mind of its readers into the millionaire frequency in order for them to work hard and struggle for their future. This is indeed perfect for teenagers who want to improve their financial status in the future.

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