Where to Find Quality Reviews of Children's Literature

It is always recommended for children to read quality works that are informative and entertaining. With the huge amount of children's books released every day, parents and teachers must be able to know which of these are worth the child's time. There is always joy in reading, and with reading comes the need to be informed of where to find the best book reviews. Fortunately, websites, magazines and journals prove helpful in the search for the best children's books for our young ones. Here are five of the best and most widely known.

Children's Literature Network

Children's Literature Network is one of the leading websites when it comes to providing the latest news and the best reviews in the field of literature for children. The site is for children and adults alike who have a high interest in the genre. The left sidebar is filled with a lot of informative features such as quotes, a reading list, and even an In Memoriam section notifying the Internet community about important personalities in children's literature that have passed away. With an upcoming events section and a page dedicated to book reviews, the children will definitely have a great time browsing the website.

Children's Lit

This is another website that is proving to be one of the best and most visited by children's literature fans all over the world. The right sidebar includes a section that displays which famous author has a birthday on that specific day. Founded in the year 1993, the site itself reviews almost five thousand books in one year. It aims to help teachers, librarians, and parents in making the right literary choices for their young ones. The company that runs the site also makes it a point to support book-related events such as sales, fairs and even exhibits.


The site aims to allow people to easily discover, order, and evaluate books which they may not have heard of. Bookwire contains an extensive database-over twenty million titles-of book reviews for all literary aficionados to read. The list includes print, audio books, e-books and lots more. Its children's literature section has an outstanding lineup of popular to not-so-popular titles. The section is split into two, fiction and nonfiction, so young ones can easily see what title is ideal for them.

The Lion and the Unicorn

Founded in 1977, The Lion and the Unicorn is an educational journal that studies the various trends of children's literature using an academic perspective. Its title was inspired by a part of Lewis Carroll's novel Through the Looking Glass. It encompasses illustrated books, popular culture and other topics. The journal also covers the publishing industry, a set of comparative studies, interviews on authors depending on region and the much-acclaimed review section. It is published three times in a year during the months of January, April and September with an average length of a hundred and sixty pages per issue.

The School Library Journal

If you are looking for a place where to find quality reviews of children's literature, The School Library Journal is the right choice. One of the leading monthly magazines specializing in children's literature, The School Library Journal includes articles and reviews mostly targeted to librarians and teachers in order to properly educate their students. It is also considered as the leading provider of book reviews on children's literature. It reviews both fiction and non-fiction books as well as e-books, graphic novels and other literary multimedia resources. Each issue is released during the fifteenth of each month. It now has almost forty thousand subscribers and more than a hundred thousand readers.