Valerie Hardin; Vampires, Turtles and Days with Mom! She is Definitely One Varied Author.

Valerie Hardin

When you think of children's books, you probably do not think about blood sucking vampires or haunting stories. However, with Valerie Hardin - that is exactly what you will get! Not only does she write the very successful online chapter books under the name of Crimson Kisses, but she has also written very successful children's books. Her most popular children's book is titled I'm with Mom on Sunday and was a finalist for an Eppie Award in 2001. Many of her children's stories are written for online libraries and are available for free.

Valerie Hardin considers herself to be a 'gothic poet.' She believes that gothic poetry is about "striving for goodness in the mist of a haunting life." (Suite 101, an Interview with Valerie Hardin). The novella series Crimson Kisses combines both haunting stories of vampire and love and is written for a teenage audience. She is also an artist and likes to provide her own artwork for her books. These pieces are often described as eerie or disturbing. Unlike traditional books - Valerie Hardin writes many books for the online community and has links where her works can be read digitally (some for free) or printed out with permissions. She started publishing works in 1996 by collaborating with online publishers.

Most of her books and stories are written in a form of poetry or vignettes rather than whole stories. As an author, she does not like her poetry to rhyme and feels that haiku or other more 'free poetry' allows her to be most creative. Her popular children's works are Growing a Gargoyle; I'm with Mom on Sundays, and Two Turtles and Glitter... She has also written a gothic Christian Book called Christmas Angels Celebration and is working on another horror novel with another writer friend. In 2001, Ugly Girls Guide to the Galaxy, which is a poetry chapbook was published.

While Valerie Hardin is passionate about her books, she stays busy running several other writing and editing newsletters. She also interviews other authors for a successful newsletter called The Write Charm. Many of her writings are infused with spirituality and wisdom that is brought to life by painting vivid pictures with her words and prose. Her goal is to make the reader (whether young or old) think! And her books, stories, and poetry will do just that.

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