Planning a School Assembly Checklist

Planning a school assembly is fun but hectic at the same time for teachers. The dos and don'ts of planning a school assembly are to be well considered before organizing one. No matter what the event is, the basics always remain the same. Therefore, every teacher must have a school assembly checklist to ensure the success of the whole event.

Firstly, to organize a proper assembly it is imperative to classify the responsibilities into three categories; tasks to be undertaken before the event, tasks during the school assembly and activities to carry out right after the assembly. Categorizing your tasks will make it easier to organize the event.

Checklist for tasks before the event:

Here's a school assembly checklist for tasks you should perform before the event:

  • Choose a single theme for the event to get administrative approval if necessary. Select a date that is convenient for the staff and students. Make sure the date does not conflict with any other events held by the school.
  • Develop a set of rules for the event that should include the time limit, attire to be worn, the dos and don'ts for students and teachers, etc.
  • Make a list of guests - students, teachers, principal, and any outsider if permitted.
  • Create invitation cards for special guests - You can have your students make them as a fun activity.
  • Create a management plan of how to carry out the activities on the day of the school assembly.

Checklist for the day of assembly:

The following is a list of tasks and considerations teachers need to make for the day of assembly:

  • Before the assembly starts, check whether everyone is ready for the activities they are carrying out.
  • Check the audio and visual equipment thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.
  • If any special guests are invited, make sure that you and the principal are ready to welcome them.
  • Distribute lists of the activities to be held to parents, students and guests.
  • Distribute questionnaires to guests and parents afterwards to know their comments about the event.
  • Check if the refreshments are ready to be served on time.
  • Make sure the welcome speech is ready. Let the guests, students, and parents know in the welcome speech about the purpose of the event and the activities once again. After the School assembly checklist: It is important to create an after school assembly checklist to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some tips for that:
  • Most important - make sure all the guests are taken care of properly once the event is over.
  • Make sure all the equipment used are unplugged and kept safely.
  • Make sure to acknowledge everyone - guests, sponsors, performers, etc.
  • Create a file of activities that were carried out, guests who came, sponsors, etc. for next year.
  • Take all suggestions in writing from guests, parents, and others involved.

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