Where Can You Find A Writing and Grammar Expert To Answer Your Questions Online

Writing and grammar experts are individuals who excel at arranging words to phrases, phrases to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs into a complete written work. These works are both pleasing to read and correct as to the structural rues that make up the composition. It is sad that one cannot be an expert at one without being an expert at both because proper writing can only be achieved to correct grammar and correct grammar can only be highlighted on written works. The goal of this article is to answer the question "where can you find a writing and grammar expert to answer your questions online?"

Answering the question "where can you find a writing and grammar expert to answer your questions online?" is as easy as typing the same in a search engine and waiting opening the results that pop out of the screen. However this method can be likened to an upright triangle approach which requires the searcher to sort thru so much information on the net and gradually narrow it down to the right search result or results. A better approach would be the inverted triangle approach which starts off with fewer search results and gradually increases until the proper type and amount of information is acquired. For internet searches it would be better to use the inverted triangle approach since most people who use the net knows that information on it is vast.

The first thing that has to be done is to determine the type of writing and grammar we are talking about. Are we talking about writing grammatically correct articles for news, biography, short stories, fiction, nonfiction? These are all very important because most writers and grammar experts specialize in one specific field. Asking the right person can mean the difference between a fruitful one week research or a frustrating one month research. Be specific for example, type in "writing and grammar research on short stories" or writing and grammar research on non fictional novels." A very important tip is to look for persons who have experience being an editor for the type of publication being researched.

What type of grammatical style and/or framework is the research about? A lot of people may not know it but there happen to be a lot of grammatical styles and techniques out there. Below is the list of the more popular grammatical frameworks:

1. Dependency grammars (DG)
2. Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG)
3. Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)
4. Lexical-functional Grammar (LFG)
5. Principles and Parameters Theory (P&P)
6. Role and reference grammar (RRG)
7. Systemic functional grammar (SFG)
8. Transformational grammar (TG)

Knowing the grammatical framework would be best because while some experts maybe an expert on all types some may only specialize in specific frameworks and writings.

Where is the writing and grammar expert based? The internet has made initial contact and consultation a lot easier but a proper researcher knows that in some cases source persons need to be met in person in order to get the most information out of the. In this regard, internet search should be localized if possible. This means that the researcher starts the search within the vicinity by localizing the search engine or the query to include a specified location. For example, "article writing and dependency grammar expert in Los Angeles. Only when the localized search does not pan out will the researcher increase the area of the search within the state, in neighboring states, on the east or west coast, within the United States, and so on and so forth.

In closing, "where can you find a writing and grammar expert to answer your questions online?" is not really a question of "where" but is more of a question of "where is the best place" or "what is the best way." Knowing this can save the researcher a lot of tie and effort.

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