Professional Development Training and Workshops

  1. Behaviour Change For Schools and Parents - Teacher training and parental advice in behaviour management. Seminars and workshops for P.G.C.E. courses and teaching colleges. In-service training. Confidential training for teachers when required.
  2. Corn Associates - An organization of professional educators working as staff development trainers and consultants for schools throughout the United States.
  3. Creative Mathematics - Offering teachers of grades K-12 training workshops in math, science and language arts with books, teaching supplies and manipulatives. Teaching products sold online too.
  4. Dinah-Might Activities, Inc. - A frequent speaker and continuing education consultant, addressing some of the most common problems and needs of today's parents, teachers and educators, and designing hands-on activities that are used internationally.
  5. Driver Safety and Awareness Information - Offers presentations and training for the public as well as for insurance agents, transportation companies, etc., in driver safety, motor vehicle law, defensive driving and understanding who's at fault in an accident.
  6. Effective Reading Systems - Provides courses in Canada which improve reading speed, comprehension, and retention of difficult text materials.
  7. Gareth Wood Associates - As a professional keynote speaker, seminar facilitator and consultant, Gareth Wood has been assisting organizations around the world through leadership, team building and vision development training.
  8. Go The Extra Mile Anger Management School Program - Richard Drorbaugh provides multimedia school programs for K-12 students, parents and educators.
  9. Human Options
  10. ICSupport for Teachers by Teachers
  11. International Interviewing And Interrogation, LLC
  12. Pattern Research
  13. Terry Trueman