Are you excited about going back to school?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Are you excited about going back to school?
Yes, I can't wait for classes to start!
Yes, but I wish the summer was longer.
No, I am not prepared for my classes yet.
No, I just do not want to go.

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The majority of teachers are excited to be going back to school, although a greater number wished that summer lasted longer. A very small percentage of respondents were not prepared for classes and a slightly larger percentage didn't want to go back to school at all. Many people looking at a teacher's schedule are envious of the vacation periods. Statutory holidays, Christmas, Easter and summer are all break times for teachers, where other people may find themselves working. What many people forget when they are turning green with envy is that teachers don't receive a pay check during extended break times like the summer. Anyone can quit their job anytime they want and have the summer off. However, most of us need the money to keep the household afloat. Being envious of someone who doesn't receive a regular pay check for several months every year seems a little crazy when put into perspective.

Some teachers must be excited to get back into the classroom simply for the monetary compensation. Hopefully, most that look forward to the start of a new school year do it for other reasons as well. Meeting new students and parents, looking forward to particularly exciting projects or field trips, or just the simple day to day interaction with their students are all reasons teachers can look forward to going back to school.

As in many other professions there are, unfortunately, a certain number of people who are unhappy in their work. The reasons behind work dissatisfaction are as numerous as the people involved but could involve issues with co-workers or employers, burn out, or disillusionment over wages. Sometimes people enter a given field of work and it turns out to be not what they were expecting. Any or all of these reasons could account for the teachers who didn't want to come back after summer vacation.

Teaching is a demanding profession. Teachers juggle co-workers, administration and parents all while trying to do what is in the best interest of the students. Instructing and guiding a large group of students no matter what their age is a taxing job. It is encouraging to know that the majority of teachers look forward to starting the process all over again every September.