Which olympic event are you most likely to catch yourself watching this summer?

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Which olympic event are you most likely to catch yourself watching this summer?
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The Olympics are one of those events that bring people together. A co-worker who you've never had much in common with suddenly becomes a comrade when it comes to routing for the home team. A lot of big sporting events are like this. The Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, for example, fosters conversation and a feeling of unity when two people are cheering for the same side. The Olympics goes one step further because it is our country we are cheering for, not the local home team. The unifying feeling when the entire nation is focussed on a common goal is amazing.

Responses to this poll mirrored the public in general when it comes to event popularity in the Olympics. Gymnastics received the lion's share of the votes with swimming coming a distant second. All the other sports received less than 10% of the votes each. When watching television coverage of the games it is easier to find gymnastic or swimming events than softball or boxing. It is a bit similar to the question of the chicken and the egg and which came first. Do we all want to watch gymnastics and swimming because that is what we always find on televisions or do we always find them televised the most because that's what people want to see?

Either way, these two events are obviously top of the pack with viewers and teachers. Some of the appeal might be the variety that both sports offer. Unlike soccer or basketball, for example, gymnastics and swimming have multiple events to capture our attention. It is surprising that track and field didn't receive more votes for the same reason. The fact that gymnastics received so many more votes than swimming is also a bit surprising. With the expectation of phenomenal, record breaking races from Michael Phelps it would seem that swimming should have received more votes.

Since the days of Nadia Comaneci and her perfect score of 10, gymnastics has captured the hearts of people everywhere. When you find yourself watching the Olympics this summer and you see a great balance beam routine, just remember that you're not alone. You'll be one of a great number of people in this nation tuned to the same thing.