Do you feel that it is necessary to hoard classroom supplies?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Do you feel that it is necessary to hoard classroom supplies?

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The results of this poll are quite disturbing. Roughly two thirds of teachers taking part reveal that they do feel it is necessary to hoard classroom supplies. The image of teachers with their little stashes of pens, pencils and erasers squirreled away in secret spots is not one which inspires confidence in the educational system. It is a sad state of affairs if teachers feel it has gotten to this point.

School resources are stretched pretty thin these days and one can only assume that classroom supplies are in high demand. Have we really created a situation where teachers feel the need to hang on to every pencil that crosses their path because they feel it may be their last? Presumably the problem is worse towards the end of the school year when supplies are getting low and everyone is running out of items they were given in September. Unless someone is asking for 30 pencils per week, reasonable requests for classroom supplies need to be awarded.

It's a fact that many teachers purchase classroom supplies out of their own personal funds. They do this because they have exhausted their allotted classroom funds and still want to provide the best for their students. Primary teachers are the hardest hit as they require more in the way of art supplies and their students tend to be more wasteful due to their age. Special projects in all grade levels also eat up supply budgets but provide necessary educational experiences.

What's the answer? If the situation is dire enough that teachers feel hoarding is a reasonable response, then more funds need to be allocated specifically for supplies. With the education of the future generation in their hands they have more things to concentrate on than collecting and keeping stray erasers. It is completely unreasonable that teachers purchase items from their own funds. Surely more money is available for the essentials?