Do you feel that your school is safe for students and teachers?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Do you feel that your school is safe for students and teachers?

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Safety concerns are a big topic in schools today. With easy access to weapons and the proliferation of gang violence in some cities student and teacher safety is a valid concern. The majority of teachers in this poll feel that their school is safe, and that is an encouraging response.

The media often makes things out to be worse than they are and with global communication being what it is, a story occurs and spans the globe in the matter of minutes. The debate has always been whether society is truly in worse shape than ever before or is it just that we are more aware of the problems because of the media. The answer is not clear. Being aware of potential threats or dangers is a prudent course of action for anyone, teachers and students included.

When an incident occurs at a school there is often a large media response, especially if the crime is significant. This has lead to an atmosphere of fear which can have a negative impact on both teachers and students. The old standby that you are more likely to be injured in a car accident holds true for school violence as well. With the large number of students currently enrolled at elementary and secondary schools in the United States and the relatively few harmful incidents that occur, schools truly are one of the safest places to be.

It is unfortunate that the results of this poll are not more favourable. The fact does remain that some schools, particularly those located in inner cities areas, are prone to higher levels of violence than others. Fear for the safety of teachers and students in these areas is not alarmist behaviour, but simply a statement of fact. Addressing safety concerns goes beyond the school district level. It must involve law enforcement, members of the educational system and communities. The problems involve poverty, lack of education and employment opportunities and many other factors. There is no easy fix. Hopefully, we as a society can address the issues leading to school violence and future polls will find a larger number of teachers feeling safe at their work place.