Do you feel that students would progress best in a single-gender environment?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Do you feel that students would progress best in a single-gender environment?
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A very small majority of teachers feel that student progress best in a single-gender environment. However, those that felt this was untrue and those who were undecided outnumbered the positive respondents, meaning the results are far from conclusive.

These results mirror much of society's thoughts on the debate about same gender classes. Some people are adamantly in favour of co-ed classrooms, while others point to differences in learning styles as a reason to promote same gender classes. Recent studies conducted by the National Association for Single Sex Public Education (NAASSPE) believe that same gender classes have a significant effect on student performance.

When same sex classrooms were studied at all grade levels dramatic changes in test scores were reported. Teachers were specially trained with strategies to approach a specific gender but all other parameters between the study groups and control groups remained the same. Boys, in particular, did better in same sex classes. When the study and control groups were given identical tests, almost 50% more boys in the same sex classes scored in the proficient range of the testing parameters than their counterparts in the co-ed classes. The increase in the girl's results was less dramatic but still a respectable 20%.

It is a well known fact that boys and girls learn differently and usually have different interests so it makes sense that gearing classroom lessons to one sex in particular would result in higher levels of understanding and comprehension. Education is so much more than statistics and test scores, and there is a social aspect to the education system which must be taken into account. Both sexes must be taught respect and understanding for one another and that isn't something that can be taught from a textbook.

Same sex schools plan special events with other schools of the opposite sex in order for social interaction to take place. This socialization is vitally important to student development. Same sex classrooms in co-ed schools might provide the best educational opportunities overall. Gender differences in learning styles would be addressed in the classroom, but there would be ample opportunity for socialization between the sexes. Whether same sex instruction would be embraced by parents and teachers is another question to be answered. There are many different aspects of this debate which school districts must investigate before making any changes to our current style of education. Are you very satisfied with teaching as a career?