What is the most difficult season of the year for teachers?

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What is the most difficult season of the year for teachers?

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Spring was named as the most difficult season of the year by the most teachers in this poll. Winter was second place and fall and summer were a distant third and fourth respectively. This poll question must have peaked the interest of many teachers because the response rate was very good.

Spring time is traditionally a time of new growth and development where nature is coming out of its winter dormancy. There is renewed activity and vibrancy evident everywhere. This seems to apply to the classroom as well. Students who have been stuck inside all winter want to get out and enjoy the warming air. Sitting still becomes increasingly difficult, as does paying attention in class. Just like nature, children have been quietly waiting for the rebirth of spring to awaken their interests and activity levels. It sounds wonderful, unless you are a teacher trying to keep students focused on their lessons. The other drawback to spring from a teacher's standpoint is that spring leads to summer. Students are eagerly awaiting the end of school and summer vacation and trying to get them to concentrate on the tasks in front of them becomes even more difficult.

Winter poses its own set of difficulties for teachers. There is an extended break which students are looking forward to in December making that month a particularly unfocused one. Couple that with the excitement of Christmas and it is no wonder so many students, especially those in the younger grades, have such a hard time concentrating. Decreased physical activity due to inclement weather can mean that the classroom is full of students with energy to burn and no outlet in which to release it. All these ingredients make a recipe for a difficult season for teachers.

Fall is a time of renewal for students. Everyone comes to school with goals and plans and every intention of doing their best. Students are fresh from summer vacation where they have had time to mentally regroup and physically exhaust themselves. Students tend to be on their best behaviour with their new teachers and everything is rosy. Of all the seasons where school is in session fall poses the least difficulties.

Now we come to summer. It was voted as the least difficult season by teachers and probably with good reason. Except for the fact that most teachers don't receive a pay check during the summer, the other stresses of their job are virtually non-existent. No lesson planning or grading to do. No deadlines or report cards to prepare. Summer is relatively blissful. Try to enjoy it because winter and spring are just around the corner.