The college professor that had the most influence on your instructional style taught which course?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
The college professor that had the most influence on your instructional style taught which course?
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More teachers' instructional styles were influenced by their college education professor than any other subject professor according to this poll. English, Science and the Other categories, which ranked second to fourth, needed to combine their votes just to match up.

Teachers at the secondary school level who specialize in one or two subjects may have been influenced by their college professor who taught that subject. This would account for the other responses spread across the poll answer categories. A grade 12 math teacher, for example, may find that his or her instructional style mirrors that of a former math professor. This can be said for all the subject areas.

However, when looking at the whole spectrum of college subjects, it makes sense that the professors who specialized in teaching how to teach would be the most influential. The other factor to consider is course subject matter. When taking a philosophy or history class, many students are more focused on the course material than on the instructor. An education course is much more likely to bring student focus to the professor as they demonstrate instructional styles.

No matter your age, there is a teacher who you remember with fondness. It could be a college professor or even someone from your elementary school years. Ask anyone and they are bound to have a whole host of memories tied around one or two particular teachers. Certainly there are some negative memories attached to other teachers as well, but it's the good ones we tend to remember best.

Any teacher who questions whether they have positive effect on the students they teach would do well to remember their own childhood. On a day to day basis it is probably hard to see the influence that teacher's have on the lives of their students. By thinking back to your favourite teacher memories you will probably find that it wasn't one monumental event which cemented the fond feelings you have for a teacher, it was the small daily interactions. From kindergarten to college, teachers have a profound influence on their students.