How many computers do you have in your classroom?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
How many computers do you have in your classroom?
20 or more

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Having 3-5 computers in their classroom was the most popular response in this poll and almost three quarters of teachers reported that they had between 1 and 5 computers. Those teachers fortunate enough to have between 6 and 20 or more computers represented just over 20% of respondents, while approximately 5% had no computers at all.

Today's modern educational system incorporates computers at many levels. Teachers use them to plan lessons and keep track of attendance and student grades. For students they can be invaluable research tools and are often used to facilitate computerized presentations. As so many employment opportunities in today's work place require computers skills, teaching our students at least basic functions is imperative.

Computers can also be used for virtual field trips allowing students to enjoy experiences that would otherwise be impossible. Web quests are also gaining in popularity as a way to let students practice research skills on the internet.

Budget woes in many school districts do not allow most classrooms to have more than a few computers. Many schools have a designated computer lab that is shared by all classes in the school on a rotational basis. Unfortunately, this can severely limit the amount of time that students have access to a computer. Many teachers assign computer based research projects as homework, although in less affluent areas this is not prudent as many students don't have access to home computers either.

While many people feel that increasing the number of computers in the classroom would increase student achievement, current budgetary restraints stand in the way. Parent groups take part in many fundraising efforts but most of these funds cannot be allocated to computer upgrades. School districts want to avoid creating situations where some schools become the "haves" while others remain the "have nots". Also, because school districts are responsible for computer upkeep and upgrades it is important to have all schools within a district running the same software and having the same hardware requirements so that technicians can more easily address problems.

We are fortunate that most students have access to at least one computer in their classroom, but increasing that number would certainly provide our students with increased learning opportunities.