When I am searching for curriculum resources on the Internet, I am most often working at a computer:

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When I am searching for curriculum resources on the Internet, I am most often working at a computer:
in my classroom.
at home.
in the school media center.
in a school computer lab.
in none of the locations listed.

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An overwhelming majority of teachers report that when searching for curriculum resources on the Internet, they are most often working on a computer from home. Classroom computers were voted as a very distant second place, while all other categories received negligible amounts of votes.

Nothing can beat the Internet for ease and convenience. Many people have managed to do more and more of their office work from home. With email and computer networks it is possible to stay connected to work colleagues from the comfort of your lazy boy chair. Teachers don't have these same opportunities when it comes to instructional time, but they do have the option for research.

Given the chance, many professionals would chose to go home, spend time with their children, have a nice family dinner, put their kids to bed, and then spend an hour doing the rest of their work. Home access to the Internet allows just that. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night a teachers fires up the computer, the Internet is always ready and waiting.

In the future, more workers than ever will be working from home. Online work sites that let people hire online and farm out tasks are becoming more popular. The need for virtual assistants, data entry personnel and web design specialists is growing in leaps and bound, all of whom are hired and work online, with very little interaction between employee and employer. Some people argue that this wave of the future is environmentally friendly. Less people on the roads and fewer resources required at work places are good for conservation efforts

. This may all be true, but one of the best reasons to do work from home is comfort. Changing into your comfy sweatpants and sliding your feet into slippers before settling down to work is better than pantyhose, high heels, or a jacket and tie any day.

Until we become a completely virtual world where teachers and students are connected remotely by computer as they all sit in their respective living rooms, teachers will have to go to the classroom to teach. However, there's nothing wrong with doing what they can at home.