Could you see yourself in a career other than teaching?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Could you see yourself in a career other than teaching?

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What Do The Results Tell Us, So Far?

The results of this poll indicate that more than half of teachers could envision themselves going down a different career path. Part of this result could be indicative of society's trend toward multiple careers. Many people undertake retraining and second career choices after working for many years. This phenomenon can be attributed to any number of reasons including: work place burnout, dissatisfaction with wages and workplace environment; and the fact that there are more opportunities available than ever before when it comes to career selection.

A recent MetLife survey showed teacher job satisfaction at an all time high in the United States. So why do the majority of teachers see themselves in another career? Sometimes, the simple fact of boredom sets in for many people in all walks of life. If this is the case then you need shake things up a little bit. Perhaps moving into administration is the answer. Additional training and educational courses to advance your career may provide the stimulation you need to jump start your enthusiasm and keep you raveling along the same career path.

There are also other options available for change that would allow teachers to stay in the profession but change their current situation. A switch from secondary to elementary school or from public to private school is always an option. Previous surveys have indicated that elementary school teachers and those in the private sector have increased job satisfaction. Private tutoring is also an alternative to look into when considering job options. Most surveys report that monetary reimbursement was not at the root of job satisfaction. For teachers workplace environment plays a key role is keeping teachers happy. Support from administration and parents are important elements and shouldn't be overlooked. If you can find yourself a job placement where you feel more supported then perhaps your job satisfaction will increase.

The other thing to realize is that career changes are not uncommon. Whether you change careers within the same profession or switch careers altogether, you're not alone. The United States Department of Labor estimates that people will change careers from three to seven times in their working life. However, retraining is a big commitment and options to increase your job satisfaction within your chosen profession may be a more expedient way to job happiness.

The one thing you must always remember is that the only thing in this world that no one can put a price on is happiness. The world of education has a high rate of turnover due to the demands put on educators. You need to make sure that you live life to the fullest. For many, the classroom is a rewarding and fun place to spend thirty to forty years. But, if you feel out of place in education, remember that you have many other options available to you.