How do you plan to spend your summer vacation?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
How do you plan to spend your summer vacation?
I will be working a second job.
I will be teaching at summer school.
I will just relax.
I will be attending classes.
I will be looking for work.
I will be concentrating on my hobbies.

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The possible responses in this poll fell into three main categories: relaxing and hobbies; further education; and working. The majority of teachers voted in the first category and planned to relax or concentrate on hobbies. Teachers work hard during the school year and deserve their time off. It would be wonderful if all educational professionals could afford the opportunity to take a break during the summer.

The reality of many teachers' lives is that the summer is not a time to relax, it's a time of financial difficulties. Teachers do not receive a pay check during the summer months and trying to make ends meet can pose a challenge. How many of us could survive two months without wages every year?

Some teachers are fortunate enough to be able to teach summer school, but the percentage is low. Others get completely different jobs for the summer. It's a bit odd for students to realize that last year's teacher is painting houses in the summer, but it happens. A small percentage of teachers in this poll reported they will be looking for work. Teachers will sometimes go back to the same job every summer, while others are in the unfortunate position of seeking employment.

Those hardest hit are two teacher families. In situations where both the husband and wife are in the teaching profession it is even more stressful in the summer. The same can be said for single parents raising a child alone. With no other source of family income, summers are not a time to relax.

Many people outside of the teaching profession are envious of a teacher's summer break. They think that all teachers are hanging out at the beach or sleeping late, while they continue with their working lives looking forward to their two week annual vacation. While this may be the case for some lucky teachers, it certainly isn't that way with all of them. According to this poll, almost one third of teachers will be working or looking for work. While this number may seem low, try to remember the incredible number of people working in the educational system and you get an idea of how many people are affected.

Best of luck to teachers everywhere who are working this summer. To the lucky ones who can take the summer off: enjoy the break and recharge your batteries because September isn't very far away.