Do you plan for students' learning styles?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Do you plan for students' learning styles?

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An overwhelming majority of teachers plan lessons with regard to students' learning styles. This result seems almost obvious. Teachers are tasked with preparing our children for the future. They need to teach them not only the information they will need, but how to access future information and use analytical reasoning to determine its use and validity. In a nutshell, they help teach our children self-sufficiency in the academic world, but this has cascading effects through the rest of the students' lives.

Learning styles vary from person to person but most students can cope with standardized instruction methods. There are always some children, however, who need something a little different. Perhaps they are better visual learners or they learn by doing. In order for these students to achieve the same level of success as others they may need material presented to them in a different format. It doesn't mean that they are lacking in any way. It means that they process information differently and require a different set of rules to succeed.

Planning for these different styles of learning sets the students up for future success in all aspects of their lives. As a child, if you've had the same concept pounded into your head five different times and you still don't fully understand it you end up feeling stupid. Is it any wonder that some people have self-esteem issues? If a student can learn how they best process information they can seek out those solutions themselves later on and become their own advocates and teachers.

Teachers have the best interests of students in mind in almost everything they do. Is it any surprise that they would look for ways to make their lessons inclusive of all members of the class, not just the ones that fit the typical mold? Absolutely not. Schools offer modified programs for students with learning disabilities and teachers and parents discuss student needs on a regular basis. Changing things up and assigning different types of projects allows more students to feel confident and competent in their abilities. Isn't that what teaching is all about?