Do you have access to a smartboard?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Do you have access to a smartboard?

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A smartboard is basically a computer screen projection with interactive capabilities. Teachers can use digital pens to input information in much the same way a keyboard or mouse is used. With the advent of increased computer usage in schools, smartboards are invaluable in providing interactive lessons where the teacher is able to demonstrate techniques and concepts to the class as a whole.

This poll showed that the minority of teachers have access to a smartboard. Does this mean they have one in their classroom? Probably not. Technology is expensive and outfitting multiple classrooms with smartboards would be cost prohibitive. Some schools have planned to use their smartboard in a central location, such as a multipurpose room. Teachers can sign up for time in the room to use the equipment with their students. The technology exists for all students to have their own smartboard with the teacher being able to monitor the work they are doing from their own computer. This type of set up is a long time away if it comes at all. Again, cost is a major factor in why more smartboards are not in the hands of students.

It's encouraging, however, to know that technology is being put to good use for at least a large minority of students. Computers and their derivatives aren't the be all and end all of education by any stretch of the imagination. However, in today's technologically advanced world it makes sense for students to have exposure to as many varied hardware and software options as possible.

Bravo for teachers for embracing the new style of teaching and moving forward with new techniques and styles. It isn't easy to try new things, but teachers realize that in order for our children to succeed they need to be kept abreast of the latest and greatest in information and technology. Change is inevitable, how we handle it is not. Teachers serve as great role models for students in how to adapt to changes and incorporate new ideas into our everyday lives.