Are today�s students properly trained on the use of business software applications?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Are todays students properly trained on the use of business software applications?

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An overwhelming majority of teachers, over 75%, feel that student's are not being properly trained on the use of business software applications. Although not usually applicable to elementary age students, those in secondary schools have many elective options aimed at business and entrepreneurship.

Whether students are thinking of becoming business owners or simply plan to work in an office of some description, a basic understanding of business software options is invaluable. It is disquieting to know that most teachers feel that students are not being well prepared for life after high school or post secondary education with regard to computer software programs. Software used for small businesses have direct and relatable applications for home use as well. Basic accounting software and programs such as Microsoft Office help keep household finances and information organized and readily available. If students never use the skills they learned at school for anything more than balancing their own chequebooks it can still be termed a success. With the concern over rising personal debt, being able to understand basic concepts about budgeting and expenditures is always valuable.

Students with an eye to the business world have a wealth of opportunities at many secondary schools to explore the skills they will need to acquire. Accounting, marketing, inventory and scheduling are all areas that are taught. Many schools have student run stores that teach hands on experience in the behind the scenes aspect of business management, including the business software required to get the job done.

With more and more people turning to their own small or home based business as career choices, it would be nice to see the education system being proactive in teaching students what they will need to know. Maybe they will discover that being in business isn't the thing for them. That's great too. Better to find out early on rather than invest in a career that you're not suited for.

With so many teachers reporting that students are not properly prepared on the use of business software applications, students of today may enter the work force unprepared to contribute. Post-secondary training would be required to gain the skills they require. It's a shame they're not leaving high school with those skills already in place.