During which of these seasons do you feel that you keep your classroom the tidiest?

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During which of these seasons do you feel that you keep your classroom the tidiest?

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More than 60% of the teachers who took this poll feel that they keep their classrooms tidiest in the fall. This was more than spring and winter combined. Spring accounted for fewer than 25% of respondents and winter barely topped 10%.

For teachers and students alike, fall represents a time of new beginnings. It's a time when we feel energized and ready to face the challenges that lay ahead. Is it any wonder that classrooms are tidier and desks are neater? Traditionally everyone looks better as well; hair has been cut and clothes are new.

As the months pass, the shine wears off the new school year. Old habits start to creep back in and before you know it there, once again, are the piles of art work and the stacks of papers to grade. How of earth is it possible that every student's science model of the hydrogen atom is still sitting on the side counter? Weren't those supposed to have gone home two weeks ago? It was so much easier in September when nothing had been handed in and everyone just looked forward to the year with bright eager faces.

It makes sense that several months into the school year when winter hits it is harder than ever to keep your room tidy. Besides the accumulated months' worth of things, there are all the Christmas extras. Our houses get more cluttered at this time of year so why wouldn't our classrooms?

By the time March rolls around, we're fed up with the mess. Why is there always a pile of lost and found at the back of the class and why is there always a pair of pants in it? Did someone walk home without pants one day? It's definitely time to do something about all the extra stuff that's been hanging around for months.

Spring time brings new growth and re-birth and it fills us with almost the same level of energy we had in the fall. We spend some time de-cluttering and organizing. Things are starting to look better and before you know it the school year is over. Time to clear everything out and take a well deserved break. Whew!

Does any of this sound familiar? For many teachers fall will always be the tidiest season for the simple reason that they're not too tired yet.