Does your school district require you to maintain a daily record of your lesson plans?'s Teacher Poll of the Week
Does your school district require you to maintain a daily record of your lesson plans?

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Unlike many other questions that have been asked on these weekly polls, this one didn't ask for an opinion. It was a simple positive or negative response. Almost three quarters of the teachers who chose to take this poll answered in the positive - their school district does require them to maintain a daily record of lesson plans.

In all professions there has to be a way to assure accountability. By having teachers maintain a daily record it ensures that all teachers are adhering to quality teaching practices and fall within certain teaching parameters and guidelines for curriculum. While the vast majority of teachers don't need to be held accountable in this way, there is always the possibility that someone does need it.

Daily records also help ensure that teachers have a way of protecting themselves should anyone else question their methods or lessons. If a disagreement with a parent were to take place it is good practice for the teacher to have a record of what lessons have been taught so that there is never any doubt about what has gone on in the classroom.

Daily lesson plans are also helpful should a teacher fall ill. The substitute teacher then has some means of knowing what has been taught already. The plan supplies much needed continuity for the students no matter what their age or grade level.

It would be interesting to poll whether or not teachers objected to this requirement. It is difficult to feel that your motives or methods are being questioned and it would be unfortunate if that were the way some teachers saw it. Perhaps the most difficult part of maintaining this daily record is the time requirement. Many teachers spend time outside of school hours doing prep work or grading student work. Adding another organizational task to the agenda must be difficult to manage.