Lesson Plan : How Many Hearts?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Fiveash
 Grade 3

 Estimation Reinforcment of previously learned skills
 Estimating Dividing Multiplying Adding Subtracting
 Students will demonstrate estimation skills and test their guesses by dividing the candies between the group. Finally, the students will count their total number of candies and add the group totals to see who was closest to the correct total
 estimate candies at table and divide and share them with the group of students to see how many candies total.
 white board dry erase marker a glass container for each table group candy to put in the containers hand sanitizer paper towels for 'plates'
 Review the skills of: estimation subtraction division addition multiplication Have students explain to me what it menas to do these things
 explain to the students that they will be using their best estimations to tell me how many candies are in ther jar. I will write their estimations on the board.
 Students take two candies out of the jar and pass the jar to the left. They go around the table this way until the jar is empty. They place the candies in groups of twos on their paper towels in front of them as they remove them.
 Students who might have difficulty can be assisted by other students at their table. They might need help in passing the jar around.
Checking For Understanding:
 We are doing this as a class, but each student must do their part in participating for the activity to work.
 After the lesson/activity, everyone gets to eat some of their candies before moving to the next lesson
 The students count the total candies on the paper towel- I double check their total
Teacher Reflections:
 The kids had a great time with this activity! Everyoe reall helped each other out and the best part was that the lowest performing student was the closest to the total number of candies!

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