Lesson Plan : Factoring by Grouping

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10

 Factoring by grouping. Factoring the Greatest Common Factor.
 Each student will understand that there are other ways to factor polynomials. Studnets will be able to factor using the grouping method.
 Students will identify what the two groups are. The greatest common factor will need to be found. Use the distributive property to factor. Use the FOIL methodto check your answer.
 T.I. 83 Calculators
 As long as we don't have to take notes, the students are engaged. I might have the students work in groups if they are quiet.
 The example problems will be put up on the board, and we will then go over a few problems as a class.
 Students will complete the questions on their own. If they need help they will have the opportunity to work in groups. Students will complete the problems on the board.
 Some students will have a modified assignment. Those who have behavior problems will be sat in certain seats.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will use FOIL to check their answers themselves. Students will put all the answers on the board.
 I will go over the steps to complete the factoring. The students will be asked questions for reviewing purposes
 Throughout the class, I will be circulating the class to make sure the students are on task and completing the assignment correctly. The students will be asked to put their work up on the board, each student will have to answer one of the questions. The students will also be graded on correctness.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students understand the concept of factoring by grouping? Do we need another day to review? Can the class be tested tomorrow?

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