Lesson Plan : Extending Patterns In New Directions

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Till
 Grade 3

 Extending Patterns
 Number and Geometric patterns Pattern unit - the part of a pattern that repeats itself. A pattern is formed by ordered objects in a set. The order can be used to predict the next object in the pattern or identify the missing object from the pattern.
 For students to to be able to extend geometric and numerical patterns by identifying the pattern unit with 85% accuracy.
 TLW identify and extend number and geometric patterns to solve problems.
 pattern blocks, Smart board, elmo,
 THe definition of a pattern will be reviewed using the following activity. Five students will be asked to come to the front of the room. They will be given pattern blocks in alternating colors: red, blue, red, blue, red. Discuss with students if you asked another student to come and join the group, what color block would they need.
 Put a vocabulary web up for the term pattern unit. Have students decide what it is; What it is like; and give 3 examples.
 Put a pattern on the smart board using pattern blocks; have students continue the pattern using the manipulatives at their desk. Then have one student come and put the solution on the smart board. Repeat this several times with various patterns, including number patterns. Have students explain the difference between a pattern and a pattern unit. For each example have the students tell how many numbers or shapes are in the pattern unit then what the pattern unit is.
 For by slower learners I would introduce geometric and number patterns separately. Working first with just geometric patterns and allowing the students to continue to use the manipulatives. For my more advanced learners I would have them create patterns and pair up to analyze each others patterns.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment would be one geometric and one number pattern to be completed with accuracy.
 Review with students that today we learned to identify number and geometric patterns to find and extend patterns and solve problems. Have someone explain how a pattern unit makes up a pattern.

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