Lesson Plan : Geometric Patterns

Teacher Name:
 Tammy May
 Grade 3

 How to find the rule for a geometric pattern.
 Vocabulary for this lesson is growing and repeating patterns. The students will investigate what the rule is for a given pattern.
 The learner will be able to identify and extend growing patterns.
 Identify and extend geometric patterns to solve problems.
 shapes and counters
 I would introduce the lesson having the students make a repeating pattern using the foam shapes. then the student would have a partner identify the rule for their repeating pattern. Next I would show them an example of a growing pattern using the counters under the ELMO.
 As the students discuss the growing pattern we would analyze each phase of the pattern to note how it changes. I would make sure that the students now understand the difference between the repeating and growing patterns. Then I would place another pattern under the ELMO that does not grow for the students to examine and explane why it is not a growing pattern.
 Together I will have the students create a new growing pattern using their shapes. I will walk arond and monitor the students and make sure they are on the right track. Then their shoulder buddy will try to explane how the pattern is growing. I would allow the students to practice this pattern making a few more times. This allows me to conference any students that may not be understanding and I can work with them one on one. I will now follow up with me giving the studnet a verbal word pattern to start and give the rule to see if they can create the growing pattern for my rule.
 For my ESL and struggling I would assign a nummber pattern for them to see how the particular rule grows. For my advanced students I would have them fill in several missing pecies of a growing pattern. They would have several sets to complete. Not the same shape would be missing.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the student completed several assigned problems we together would check for accuratcy.
 To wrap up I would explane to the students that we learned to identify and extend geometric patterns to solve problems. I restate what must take place to have a growing pattern.
 I would have a teacher made quiz with several grow patterns for the students to extend. Then I would start a pattern and give them a rule to follow to extend.

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