Lesson Plan : Variables and Expressions Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
  Ms. Christina Escobar
 Grade 7-8

 Variables and Expression
 Mathematics (Algebra 1) The key vocabulary words for this lesson are: variables, algebraic expression, factors, product, power, base, exponent, and evaluate.
 At the end of this lesson the students will be able to identify the key vocabulary words as well as write algebraic expressions.
 The objectives for this lesson will be for the students to be able to write algebraic expressions.
  The materials needed for this lesson are the Algebra 1 textbook, writing paper, pencil with eraser, pyramid model, pitcher, and rectangular block.
 The teacher will open the lesson with the pyramid model, pitcher, rectangular block on the desk and ask students how would you describe the volume of the three objects.
 The teacher will start with the vocabulary and their definitions. The teacher will then proceed to show examples of each vocabulary term.
 The students will partner up and do the check your understanding on page 8 as well as discuss the relevance of the vocabulary words to their own lives.
 The students who are exhibiting difficulties will have a ten minute mini lesson given by the paraprofessional.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will administer a quiz.
 The teacher will ask the students to come up with examples where algebraic expressions will be used.
 The teacher will administer a quiz which will contain vocabulary terms and definitions for matching as well as having to create their own algebraic expressions.

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