Lesson Plan : Percentages in Money

Teacher Name:
 Wayne Eaton
 Grade 9-10

 How percentages are used in the various daily exchanges of money
 per = out of = divide by and cent = 100 so percent is out of 100 and shown by the symbol %. divide the amount by 100 then multiply by the % figure.
 understand percent is out of 100 and money is based around 100. know how to work out the value of a percent amount, know the formula to calculate it through to being able to identify the parts of a percentage change equation and work it out.
 participate in the board work examples. complete activity 1, side 1, at lowest level (EL2), complete activity 1 (EL3), start extension work (L1) and complete extension work side 1 (L2), all whilst working on own or supported by teacher intervension. participate in the group marking of work done.
 whiteboard, eraser, board pens, notes, student copies of worksheet, activity sheet and extension work sheet. flipchart sheet of formulae. flipchart sheet of introduction information. spare pens and pencils for student use.
 who am I, what are we doing, why should you know this.
 board work through 5 real life examples of how to calculate the value of a percentage amount working through examples of increasing difficulty.
 individually working through the activity sheet and extension sheet but with teacher moving around the group to offer guidance, support, encouragement and then to work through the examples on the white board as the students mark their own work.
 photocopy handouts onto different coloured papers, work through examples from lowest to highest level, move around the class to monitor progression helping as required on individual basis. have extension work for quickest workers. check material at lower level reading age.
Checking For Understanding:
 monitor involvement during the onboard marking session and ask for feedback on how many they got through. ask for definition of percentage and ask for help writing up the formulae.
 thank and make sure they take away the handouts
 did every student achieve activity 1 side 1 correctly. did any student have time to reach extension sheet, were their answers correct?
Teacher Reflections:
 was enough time allowed for student work? was enough time allowed for teaching/helping on 1 to 1 basis? was there enough time to work each example slowly? was the work at correct higher and lower levels? did any words or questions need to be explained?

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