Lesson Plan : Naming Line Segments

Teacher Name:
 Heidi Harding
 Grade 3

 Lesson 43 naming line segments Nevada Standards
 calender, number of the day, temperature, counting (1.3.6), today's pattern (2.3.3.), time (3.3.6) problem of the day(1.3.3), fact practice (1.3.1), and the lesson of naming line segments (4.3.1)
 Read, write, order and compare 0-9, 999; read and write number words Identify missing terms and missing numbers in open number sentences involving number facts in addition Tell time to the nearest minute, using analog and digital clocks, and identify elapsed time. Generate and solve 2-step addition using pencil and paper Be able to draw and name line segments
 Teacher Fact Cards (Sets F and G) Class Fact Practice 43A/Fact Homework 43B Scap paper (1 piece per child) rulers Guided Class Practice 43A/Homework 43B
 The class meeting where the leader will do the calendar, number of the day, time, money and today's pattern. Problem of the day will be done with entire class. Fact practice of adding 5 through 8 will be taught followed by the lesson of naming line segments.
 Four line segments will be drawn on the board. Mathematicians name line segments by using the names of the endpoints. A capital letter is used to name a posing. The endpoints will be named AB. On the board the special way of writing 'segment AB' will be shown. A new line segment will be drawn on the board shown three different segments.
 Class will practice drawing and naming line segment with scrap paper and a ruler. They will draw a line segment that is 12 cm and label the endpoints A and C. The class will then draw a point on the segment that is 2 cm away from A and label the point B. They will then name the different line segments. The class will measure each line segment using centimeters and write the lengths on the paper. We will then discuss what they noticed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Homework 43B
 Ask for any questions and make sure everyone understands and is able to complete side A.

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