Lesson Plan : The Outsiders Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 The Outsiders Novel Building Vocabulary
 Language Arts tied into Literature
 Students build vocabulary and use outside of the classroom.
 Students will take an active role in their learning by identifying the content area vocabulary they want to research Develop their research skills as they seek to define their chosen vocabulary through the use of content area material, reference books, and the Internet
 Paper, scizzors, markers
 Students are asked to seek out words that are confusing or challenging for them to understand. Two minimum per chapter or as needed.
 Students write these words down on the top of a flap foldable. Taking close note that the spelling is correct.
 Students work in pairs to define each word, draw a picture of how this word looks to them and uses the word in a sentence.
 Students who need will be alotted extra time and will be placed with students who are capable of being student tutors.
Checking For Understanding:
 Words will be gone over by students in front of room to double check that each pair of students has the main idea of each word.
 Students will turn in foldable to be checked and given back to keep in self-folder.
 Foldables are graded based on effort, neatness, team attitude and overall completion. Monitoring will also be done by walking around room and assisting students during project. Vocabulary words will be added to word wall and touched on every week.

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